All stories I write for the FT are available here.

Roma in Kosovo: ‘My children are poisoned by lead’ (Al Jazeera, 19 June 2016)

Let Them Eat Alexander the Great Statues (Foreign Policy, 19 June 2016)

Macedonia’s Protests Could Threaten a Fragile Region (Newsweek, 14 June 2016)

The Town Dayton Turned Into a Garbage Dump (Foreign Policy, 15 November 2015)

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Balkans (Foreign Policy, 1 October 2015)

In the Shadow of Genocide (Foreign Policy, 11 July 2015)

Srebrenica: Unearthing loss (Al Jazeera, July 10, 2015)

Rivals Battle for the Fate of Macedonia (BalkanInsight, 22 May 2015)

Kosovo: Sufi mystics and a piercing 200-year tradition (AlJazeera, 25 March 2015)

Set the Trojan Horse on Fire (Foreign Policy, 5 February 2015)

The One Muslim Country That Loves America Is Developing an Extremist Problem (Foreign Policy, 16 October 2014)

‘A Reckoning Hasn’t Happened’ (Foreign Policy, August 13, 2014)

Ukraine’s Do-It-Yourself War (with Vera Mironova) (Foreign Policy, July 2014)

How to Celebrate a War’s Beginning (on the 100th centennial of the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand) (Foreign Policy, June 2014).

As If Catastrophic Flooding Wasn’t Bad Enough…The waters drowning Bosnia have unearthed thousands of landmines (Foreign Policy, May 2014)

From Business to Bunkers [in Albania] (Works that Work, the Magazine of Unexpected Creativity, March 2014)

Meet the Olympic Workers Still Waiting for Payday (Mother Jones, VIDEO + Text, February 2014)

“We are hungry in three languages”: citizens protest in Bosnia (OpenDemocracy, Feb 2014)

Justice Undone:Why is Bosnia releasing people convicted of genocide? (Foreign Policy, Nov 2014)

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Homeschooling (OpenDemocracy, February 20, 2013)

The Death of a Lawyer and Laws Still Needed to Combat Laundering –Part of an Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project investigation into money laundering proxies.  Shortlisted for European Press Prize.

Bosnia’s Rape Victims Have Their Say (The Guardian)

First Bank–First Family (OCCRP)

Montenegro: Mafia State in the EU (OpenDemocracy)

The Real 47 Percent (OpenDemocracy)

Marchers Form ‘Living Monument’ to Horror of Srebrenica (Balkan Insight)